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Savannah’s Latest Production ‘Daisy Winters’ in Theatres Dec 1

Georgia Entertainment News gets a sneak preview of ‘Daisy Winters’ through our one-on-one with the film’s producer, Deborah Moore. ‘Daisy Winters’ is a family drama shot on location in Savannah, Georgia in 2016. Post production work was completed earlier this year in Georgia in preparation for the film’s release. ‘Daisy Winters’ is being released in theatres across the U.S. and Canada by Hannover House on December 1.

November 27, 2017

Georgia Entertainment News

Daisy Winters - Dealing with Tragedy on Set with Jane Badler and Carrie Preston

As viewers of the large and small screens, we get excited when we get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes action. But sometimes that news is tragic, as was the case with indie film Daisy Winters, which is being released on December 1, 2017. 

ILANA RAPP, Contributor

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Why Final Cut Pro X? A Producer’s POV – Feature Film: Daisy Winters

An experienced producer discusses the benefits of Final Cut Pro X

By Mike Matzdorff 

October 01, 2017  

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Brooke Shields Is About to Totally Upset Olivia Benson’s Personal Life on Law & Order: SVU

Brooke talks about her character on Law & Order:SVU and her role in "Daisy Winters", an independent feature film, opening on Dec. 1st


SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 

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MEDIA DAY ALERT: TUESDAY, SEPT. 26, 2017 / 11-am to 2-pm

 Interview the principal cast members at our NYC Media Day: 

BROOKE SHIELDS – this legendary “Pretty Baby” matured into an international screen and television superstar, and will be available to discuss her powerfully tragic role in this lm. 

STERLING JERINS – this young star delivers an engaging and mesmerizing performance as the title role character, and merits attention and acclaim as an ascending new star. 

IWAN RHEON – notorious “Game of Thrones” villain (Ramsay Bolton) turns the other cheek and creates a mysterious-yet-endearing next door neighbor with insightful advice. 

JANE BADLER – Producer of “Daisy Winters,” Jane has an impressive lm and television acting resume, i including her infamous role as the powerful Alien “Diana” in the ABC Series “V”. 

PRINT, BROADCAST, DIGITAL AND OTHER ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA ARE INVITED TO ATTEND. A courtesy Broadcast Video Crew will be available for taping of interviews for those programmers not sending their own video teams. 

To schedule a Media Day interview with the principals, email to: or call 818-481-5277. 

TUESDAY, SEPT. 26, 2017 / 11-am to 2-pm 

Location: MAGNO SOUND, 729 Seventh Ave., New York, NY 10019 


Hannover House pacts with Daisy Force Pictures and Me Jane Productions for North American release of acclaimed drama, “DAISY WINTERS”   Brooke Shields, Carrie Preston, Sterling Jerins and Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon lead a powerhouse cast in this poignant and touching drama about love, death and the meaning of life.


es(New York) Indie distributor Hannover House, Inc. (OTC: HHSE) will be seeking awards consideration for the masterwork feature film, “DAISY WINTERS” from late director Beth LaMure, who passed away last year shortly before the film’s completion. The powerful drama deals with an eleven-year-old girl’s struggle with her mother’s impending death and the lessons to be learned from life’s bittersweet and sometimes ironic twists of fate. The film features an all-star cast including Brooke Shields (“Suddenly Susan”), Carrie Preston (“True Blood”, “Claws”), Iwan Rheon (“Game of Thrones”, “Marvel’s Inhumans”) and a captivating performance in the title role by young Sterling Jerins (“World War Z”, “The Conjuring 1 & 2”). “DAISY WINTERS” is rated PG-13 and will open in theatres on Friday, D.   

The Hannover House release will launch at approximately one-hundred locations, and will be supported by a high-profile advertising, publicity and marketing campaign to generate 350-million consumer impressions. Cast members will also be appearing on national talk shows, including NBC’s highly rated “The Today Show” and Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.”   

“This is the finest feature drama that Hannover House has ever handled,” said C.E.O. Eric Parkinson. “We are honored to be handling this release and to be working with Daisy Force Pictures and Me Jane Productions on an impressive, high-profile consumer campaign. The film’s appeal is universal and its themes both relevant and timely. We think that audiences will embrace the film and that positive word-of-mouth will help build momentum,” he concluded.   

Daisy Force Pictures and Me Jane Productions completed principal photography on the feature late last year, with principal photography occurring primarily in Savannah, Georgia. Daisy Winters is a poignant yet warmly humorous story about the courageous and resourceful eleven-year-old Daisy (Sterling Jerins) and her loving but unconventional relationship with her mother (Brooke Shields). Throughout this dark, original film, Daisy learns about life, love and gains an unrelenting belief in herself, along with the help of a cast of richly drawn characters.    

Daisy Winters was brought to life by writer/director/producer Beth LaMure with Jane Badler, Deborah Moore and Sean E. Demott producing. The co-producers were Alex Ryan (Hemingway & Gellhorn) and Allison Jones (Bridesmaids, Spy), the latter also handled casting.    

Beth LaMure, Writer/Director said: “A passion of mine is to highlight and praise the work of women’s performance in film. It was an honor to bring a story featuring a smart, strong, and adventurous young girl to the screen. Working with the iconic, beloved Brooke Shields, the dynamic young talent of Sterling Jerins and the rest of my amazing cast was truly a dream come true. I loved watching Iwan Rheon perform a role completely opposite to his detested ‘Game of Thrones character!’ I’m so grateful to have been able to make a film about such a remarkable young girl and her heartfelt relationships with an array of disparate characters.”    

Said Daisy Force LLC Jane Badler, Producer: "I have been looking for a project for years to put my time, passion and resource into. Daisy Winters grabbed me the first time I read it: it is a perfect script. Combined with the talent and energy of writer/director/producer Beth LaMure it is a once in a lifetime chance to get onboard the magical journey that is Daisy Winters. We are blessed to have an extraordinary cast and crew. I am so proud to be part of this beautiful film.”    

The film will premiere on Thursday, Oct. 5 at the Regal Union Square theatre in New York City, followed by a national break on Friday, Dec. 1st to major markets.

Media members are invited to attend the film’s official Media Day, on Tuesday, September 26 at Magno Sound, 729 Seventh Ave., New York, NY. Cast members will be available for interviews from 11-am until 2-pm, followed by private screenings for journalists and critics at 2-pm and again at 7-pm. A courtesy broadcast video crew will be provided. For more information on the film, or to schedule attendance during the Media Day interviews or screenings, please contact Desiree Garnier at:

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